Book 1 – EN

What is elementary widsom?

An introduction to our approach to change and meaning.

What is elementary wisdom? is the first book of a cycle of six. It is an introduction into our approach to face the threats of your world and to meet your need for giving meaning. Elementary wisdom implies that you get more control over how you see everything, over the selection of your own views. So you let go of a view when it doesn’t work anymore and create in this way the space to select a  more effective view. In this selection you let yourself be guided by your own mission. Which means by optimally contributing to your environment from what you want most and can do best. Your mission then serves as a guideline for the choices you make for you behavior and goals. By that you get more grip on what is happening and you stay flexible.

So more wisdom. In short, you get control over what you connect to and what you let go of. Wisdom further as a form of creativity which runs counter to rigidity. A matter of courage, hope and not being fixated on what you have lost, knowing that the future holds unlimited possibilities. You do so by becoming an adult, acquiring the necessary freedom and formulating your own mission, which you really practice. In this way you live more happily and engage the others in it as well.

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