Book 3 – EN

Your own wisdom

An engaging, practical guide to developing your own wisdom.

Your own wisdom consists of a study into your mission, into the biggest surplus value you can offer to your environment, based on what you like most and can do best. Your mission is your guideline and measuring tape for how you go on, in an exciting and pleasant way, and without alienation. Without needless sabotaging in this respect either. In short, let happen what you want that happens and become who you will, may and can be. Must be even. Lead yourself and become as happy as you can be.

To this end, you must first become a full person who navigates through everyday life in a self-evident way. Becoming an adult thus. Also you must acquire the freedom to identify each time with those views that offer you the most. That demands for example that you carry out overdue maintenance, tie off loose ends and really accept your own mortality.

The next step is that you really actualize you mission. The more so when your environment is unmanageable and creates difficulties. That means that you reckon with counter-productive views and other forms of self-sabotage and learn to cope with that.

Quite a journey, an adventure as well, which will drum up all kinds of hindrances for you. In this way you become your own boss, who does what he wants and is able to do, and receives appreciation for that.

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