Book 5 – EN

How it works

The theoretical anchor for the entire cycle.

How it works describes the theoretical fundament of our approach. As such it goes more into depth. This book is solidly anchored in the philosophy, psychology and social sciences, as well as in the world literature.

How it works is somewhat more of a theoretical nature and less practice-oriented than the previous four books. How it works addresses what your social reality includes and the role of situations in that. How is that social reality constructed? What are situations? How do you function in situations? What is resonance en what is its role? What is the role of morality and ethics here? What does it yield you to function in situations? What does it cost you? What for example can go wrong there? How do you bring about changes in it?

Answering these questions helps you to become more aware of what is at play in the everyday reality, to optimally contribute to shaping it. That gives you the grip to make an essential difference in it and to develop yourself in a way you want. That involves better attuning yourself each time to what the environment asks of you, but then based on what you can do best, what you want to do most and all of this in the way you contribute most.

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