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Culture Development

Culture Development is a unique training agency with a self-developed approach

The training courses are based on practical experience at all levels,
but with a solid scientific and philosophical foundation
The goal is to learn how to contribute the most to the organization
based on what you want and can do best

Training courses

Become an international proactive team player

Culture Development


Working in an

Culture Development


How to take on
a positive professional mindset

Culture Development
Pieter Hoekstra is a fearless entrepreneur. 25 years ago, he succesfully founded Solid Online. 15 years ago, he also started Solid Solutions International in India. From an authentic feeling for customers and solutions, and a sharp business insight, he sees and realizes unique opportunities. He is the CEO at the Solid Group.

Afra Desmarets is the one person you go to if you want to get things done. She can structure complex and abstract information in almost any field and then monitor that everything is handled. She will get all parties in line for this, so that everyone who participates functions effectively and pleasantly. She is the Managing Director of the Solid Group.
Roos Schabracq is a generalist with many talents, blessed with a helicopter view, an eye for detail and conceptual daring. She inspires, organizes, optimizes, finds the right person for the right place and is strong in terms of content as well. Together with Marc Schabracq she has developed Elementary Wisdom (Alledaagse Wijsheid). She is the Managing Partner of the Solid Group.
Félicienne Minnaar gives you space without letting go of her own approach. In this way she creates the basis for inspiration, motivation and especially helping people learn new things. She is open and analytically strong. Her passion is to empower people and bring about social change. She is a consultant at the Solid Group.


The training courses are based on three pillars

Culture Development

Our coaches have years of intercultural experience in doing business in India, from a unique approach to coaching leadership.


Culture Development

Our coaches are professionals and are standing at the heart of business life.

Daily practice with different organizations and corporate cultures is a source of inspiration for the training courses.

Culture Development

Our training is based on a self-developed theoretical basis called

Elementary wisdom


"After part of my team completed the training, the rest got excited to participate. Because the participants showed that they were more in control of their own work and happiness and they were more communicative. The participants really felt privileged to take part in the course."
Nandakumar Ranganathan
Director Solid Online India
"After this training course I started to ask questions to get more clarity about my work, and now I find my job easier and error free."

Padma Priya
Financial consultant

Culture Development brings out the best in yourself, to realize what you have in mind, for yourself and your environment, without unnecessary stress and with plenty of room for happiness

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Culture Development

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