Proactive Basics Online – EN

Proactive Basics Online

Your team


12 sessions

Class hours
90 minutes + homework

English / Dutch

Learn how to become a proactive team player,
who communicates effectively and takes responsibility for what matters

“Proactive coping” is about skills that prepare you for possible future stressors and possibly avert them altogether. In other words, you can deal with stress better in the future. 

Working in an international remote environment presents many challenges. This online course introduces you to different concepts and promotes online intercultural communication. We create a safe online environment where the management team is central and to then give everyone space in smaller groups.

The training is given by professionals with international experience together with the management team.

The course is therefore prepared together with the management team.

What does the course give you? 

  • You get to know yourself better
  • You develop your expertise and skills
  • You optimize personal strengths
  • You discover your own growth opportunities
  • You improve the quality of your life
  • You strengthen your connection with collegues who work remotely
  • You refine your communication skills

 Extra bonus for the management team:

  • You gain more insight and understanding for your team
Culture Development

Hands-on training: Put theory into practive

Perform effectively in different environments

Learn from professionals with concrete inernational experience

Custom made for specific needs

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