Start culture training for Solid Staffing in Chennai, India

In collaboration with Culture Development, Solid Staffing International provides a unique recruitment and training program in India to prepare Indian Young Professionals for their work in Dutch organizations.

An important part of this program is the culture training, making a connection between the Indian corporate culture and the Dutch corporate culture. Further focal points are goal setting, asking questions, non-verbal communication, assertiveness and dealing with stress.

Leader of the culture training is Marc Schabracq, author and organization consultant, coach, trainer and researcher. He specializes in the human side of changes in organizations. Marc Schabracq worked at the University of Amsterdam (1973-2008) in clinical, social and work & organizational psychology.

Felicienne Minnaar is a trainer at Solid Staffing International. She studied Psychology & International development (cum laude). She has a trainers background within women’s professional football in the Netherlands. She also worked in Africa as a volunteer football coach. From this background her passion was born to empower people and to stimulate social change.

Under supervision of our Managing partner Roos Schabracq, the first culture training has now started at the Solid Online office in Chennai.

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