Cross-cultural competence Basics- EN

Cross-cultural competence 


At your office?

3-5 days

Training course hours
6 hours including break

English / Dutch

Learn how to become a proactive team player,
who communicates effectively and takes responsibility for what matters.

Working in an international environment presents many challenges. This training course will help you build your knowledge and improve your practical skills to communicate more effectively. You will be given the opportunity to put theory into practice in a safe environment. You will practice giving feedback, conflict management, and giving a presentation. This is how you achieve your goals.

The training course is be given by professionals with international experience.

The course is available in two versions: both for the operational professionals and for the management side. Before the training we conduct an evaluation to adapt the training to your specific needs.

What does the program provide you?

  • Awareness of your own sociocultural background
  • Reading your surroundings and acting accordingly
  • Insight into what is important in your attitude
  • Taking the right responsibility
  • Getting expectations sharp and manage them optimally
  • To be able to show and see your own added value
  • Making international business concepts your own
  • Personal alignment with the organizational culture

In the management version of this training extra attention is given to:

  • Coaching leadership
  • Team management in an international environment
  • Negotiation
  • Stimulating Cross-cultural competences
“The course material and videos are a wonderful combination.”
Poongodi R
Lead tester
"I have learned more about the world and felt free to speak my mind."
Raga Priya
Junior developer
Culture Development

Hands-on training: Put theory into practice

Perform effectively in different environments

Learn from professionals with concrete international experience

Tailor made for specific needs

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