Book 4 – EN

Sharing wisdom

Our approach to leadership.

The unparalleled challenges that face us and our organizations demand an approach based on wisdom. To this end you transfer your own wisdom to others and take them with you. You do so by asking the right questions and initiating a dialogue. If that succeeds, it results in a shared reality which offers all involved a surplus value. So you teach others to lead as well and to recognize relevant pitfalls. To this end you do need some charisma.

How do you shape your future and that of your people, together with others and based on their input? Firstly, this is a matter of setting the right goals. Secondly of improving your environment. To this end, you make an analysis of helping and opposing factors. Then you examine how you can use and reinforce those helping factors as well as possible, as well as how you deal with these opposing factors.  

This approach leads on the one hand to synergy between merging with a certain reality and on the other hand being open to other realities and their potential pleasant outcomes. Sharing wisdom reinforces all those pleasant outcomes by doing it all together. You experience also a lot of pleasurable coincidence. Common expeditions and adventures, which enrich you, make life worthwhile, while you can talk with pleasure and pride about them later on.

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